Katana MkII Firmware Version 2.0 Released

In July 2022 Boss released a firmware update (Firmware Version 2.0) for the Katana MkII amp.

This firmware update adds a significant number of new features and functionality improvements to expand the amp's capabilities.


These additions include:

  • A new effect for MOD / FX - 'Pedal Bend'
  • A new chain effect - Solo - which provides a boost to overall tone when enabled, and has it's own EQ block
  • A new Boost model - Centa OD (Centa Overdrive)
  • A second chain EQ - EQ2
  • Customs settings for Line Out
  • Three sets of Global EQ profiles (green, red, yellow) each with their own independent EQ parameters, and chain position
  • A Contour feature which allows the definition of three separate tone shapes each with it's own characteristics
  • Pedal / Switch assignments to allow control of many features with a connected expression pedal and/or footswitch(es) connected to the back of the amp and/or a GA-FC footswitch.

In order to benefit from this update you will need to download the Firmware V2.0 software from the Boss support web site for your country/region, and perform a firmware update to your amp. The Boss web site has details as to how to perform this update. Follow the instructions CAREFULLY.

It is recommended that you also download the updated user guide from the Boss support web site for full details of the new amp features and how they work.


A new version of KatanaMan Pro is being released which will provide full support for all of these new features, along with some other overall improvements including:

  • a new 'Led' to make the status of the new Solo effect always visible
  • improvements to the navigation of the user interface
  • the ability to override pedal/switch assignments - so that you can chose to have them 'locked' to your preferred setting, or set on a per patch basis (default behaviour)
  • a search/filter feature to allow you to easily find patches, set list entries etc 

This new version of KatanaMan Pro will released as an open beta (Google Open Testing) on August 10th, and released to production the following week.