KatanaMan Pro v15.9 Released

Version 15.9 has been released - this is largely a maintenance release, but some enhancements are also included. See details below.

The release includes bug fixes for :

  • Some Pedal Assigns not actioning correctly when loading a patch file
  • 'PedalFx' missing from navigation buttons when using a Series 1 amp
  • Fixed an infrequent crash when navigating in to / out of folders
In addition, some enhancements made are :
  • all navigation buttons are now populated for Series 1 amps and MkII amps using Firmware version 1. This allows greater flexibility and ease of use in accessing the various effect 'windows'.
  • the PreAmp window is now accessible via a navigation button. This window allows you to select from any of the around 25 different pre-amp models that are contained in the Katana firmware.