KatanaSync Information

KatanaSync Information

After you have spent hours finely crafting your KatanaMan, GT1Man, GT1000Mate patches to capture that perfect sound, and/or have created set lists ready for your next performance, it makes sense to have a backup copy of this valuable data.

Don't be deceived by its simple interface, KatanaSync makes it quick and easy to make a complete backup of your KatanaMan, GT1Man, GT1000Mate data. With one click, the app will create a compressed (zipped), time stamped copy of your data. It will then ask you if you want to copy the back-up file to Google Drive (requires a Google account). This mode of operation is called "BackUp Mode".

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One click back-up, and save to Google Drive (optional)

If you have multiple devices and want to ensure you have a stand-by for your next performance in case your primary device is unavailable (lost, stolen, broken .... or ooops! left it at home), you can restore your most recent back-up from Google drive (or USB / SD card) onto a new device in seconds. By putting KatanaSync into "Restore Mode", it will restore either a local copy of the back-up file (eg from USB/SD), or copy it down from Google Drive first before uncompressing and re-creating your KatanaMan, GT1Man, GT1000Mate folders and files - good to go !. (Beware : This is a very powerful capability - be careful not to restore over the top of any folders you want to keep !)

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