How To Use A Bluetooth Controller

KatanaMan Pro, GT1Man, GT1BMan and GT1000Mate allow you to control various functions from a footswitch, keyboard, keypad etc via Bluetooth. This article describes how to do this.

What Type Of Bluetooth Device ? - Probably the most useful type of bluetooth device for this function is a foot switch (these vary from a single switch to a bank of four or more switches). However, you can also use other devices such as a bluetooth keyboard. The main requirements of the bluetooth device are that :

  1. it can pair with your android phone/tablet

  2. it can generate virtual 'keyboard characters' - ie you can assign a 'character' to each switch/pedal etc


How To Set It Up - Follow these steps to set up and configure your bluetooth controller :

  • First pair the bluetooth device (lets assume that it is a foot switch) with your Android phone/tablet. (Consult your phone/tablet manufacturer's documentation if you need help with this).

  • Make sure that your foot switch is configured to send 'keyboard characters' when each switch is pressed.

  • Also, make a note of the character assigned to each foot switch (see the foot switch manufacturer's documentation if you need help with this).

  • Connect your phone/tablet to your Katana/GT-1 etc and make sure that the USB connection is working normally.

  • Decide which of the android app's functions you are going to control eg with KatanaMan you can turn on/off each of Boost, Mod, FX, Delay, and Reverb, as well as the Solo Switch associated with the Boost effect. You can also step forwards and backwards through a list of songs/patches.

  • Use the app menu 'Options|Map Key Codes' to display the 'Map Keys' function.

  • Set the app's keys for each function, to match the character that each of your foot switch(es) sends. (Hint: Tap to select the desired field, delete the old entry then, on the foot switch, press the switch you are configuring. The assigned character should appear in the field). Make sure that you don't have the same character assigned to more than one function - unless you intend to control more than one function using a single foot switch 😉). Press 'OK'

  • Now when you press each foot switch, the function that you have mapped, should turn on/off with each press, and you should see the lights/status change on your Katana, GT-1 etc.