GT1000 Mate - a fast patch switcher for the  Boss ™ GT-1000  guitar effects processor

If you use a GT-1000 guitar effects processor for live performances, or just use a number of different 'patches' (presets / tones), GT1000 Mate is a 'must have'.

The app reads all 250 patch names and their numbers (ie bank/patch) directly from the GT-1000 via a USB connection or Bluetooth.

Ordered lists of the patches are created automatically. By tapping on a patch name in the list, the GT-1000 is switched to the specified patch. The switching is very fast - ie sub-second.

The lists of patches can be edited to change their order to match the required performance order (ie Set List). The editing can be done either using your favourite text editor, or (recommended) by using the KatanaSets app (sold separately) for full 'drag&drop' capability.

Once edited and saved, the updated patch lists are immediately available for use with the GT-1000.

A video demonstration of GT1000Mate in action can be found here : GT1000Mate Demo Video

- Sub-second patch switching at the tap of a finger

- Easily re-order access to your patches without changing the GT-1000

- Supports bluetooth devices such as foot switches for stepping between patches in performance order

- Allows direct control of the parameters for a small number of effects (PreAmp1&2, and Distortion DS1&2)

- Allows bluetooth control of the 'Solo Switch' associated with the PreAmp Devices

Connection is via a USB cable or Bluetooth (beta version only at the moment).

For USB connection an OTG ('On The Go') adapter is required to enable the android device to talk to the GT-1000.

Details on how to connect via USB are here :  'How To Connect' Guide

Details on how to connect via Bluetooth are here : How to Connect to GT-1000 using Bluetooth