KatanaMan Support

KatanaMan Pro Key Features

KatanaMan provides the following key features:

KatanaMan Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide covers most of what you need to know in order to use KatanaMan to conmprehensively control your amp.

Katana Pre-Amp Models

The Katana amps - both Series 1 and Katana MkII - provide around 25 different pre-amp models, many of which are not ordinarily accessible. KatanaMan Pro gives you access to these pre-amp models. This article explains more about the pre-amp models and how to use them.

Katana Boost, Reverb, Delay Colour Slot Parameters

The Boost 'slots' (ie Green, Red & Yellow) in the Katana amps share a single set of parameters !


TeraEcho is a sophisticated effect available in many Boss products.

Katana Effects Chain Order

KatanaManPro enables you to create custom effect chain orders, beyond those available through the standard presets.

'Boost' effect 'Solo' switch

The Katana 'Boost' effect has a 'Solo' control which consists of a level and an on/off switch. When solo is switched on, you get a mild increase in boost effect which can 'lift' your guitar sound when you are soloing. The level control determines how much of a 'lift' is applied. The on/off switch turns this feature on and off.

'Tap Tempo' feature

The 'Delay' effect 'Time' slider now has a '[Tap]' control on the far left. Tap this to bring up the 'Tap Tempo' button. This on-screen button replicates the functionality of the physical 'Tap' button on the amp. By tapping in time with the beat of your song, you can set the delay time to match.

'Song Notes' Feature (experimental)

See the Song Notes (Experimental) - article which describes what they are, and how to create and use them.

Important - Amp Tone Setting Trick/Trap

When using KatanaMan with your Katana amp, it is important that you do NOT have the amp "Tone Setting" set to 'Panel'.