KatanaMan Support

KatanaMan Pro Key Features

KatanaMan provides the following key features:

  • Ability to change any of the Katana's effects (eg Boost, Mod, Delay etc) as if you were turning the physical knob on the Katana.

  • All current values from the Katana are shown in the app - that is the sliders etc within the app show the current values on the Katana.

  • Access all 30 effects types and 25 pre-Amp models not otherwise accessible using the amp's knobs.

  • Advanced Mode allows you to control Boost separately from Mod, and Delay separately from FX on the Katana Series 1 (Mk I) amp.

  • The current settings (tone) can be saved to a specified Katana user patch slot (eg ChnA 1).

  • The app can load saved patches (from patch files) into the Katana - ie setting current 'tone' from a patch

  • Supported patch file formats are both the proprietary EatonPlan format (with file extension '.kat') (these are quite small and load quickly), and Boss Tone Studio Library (TSL) format (file extension '.tsl') (these are larger, more comprehensive, and take longer to load).

  • Can read the user patch slots and store the name of the associated patch (stored in a pseudo patch file ('.gtp). These can be used to perform fast patch switching between any of the amp's 4 or 8 patch slots.

  • Shows the current patch names assigned to each of the Katana's 4 or 8 patch slots (Channels ie ChnA1 to Chn B4). Fast switching between channels by tapping on the channel number. Saving the current patch to a channel by long-pressing the channel number.

  • Automatically creates ordered lists of the current Katana patches. Two lists are created - Patch-Number Order and Patch-Name Order. The lists can be used to select the patch to be switched to.

  • Fast patch switching using the automatically created ordered patch lists. Any patch can be switched to with a single finger tap in less than a second.

  • Import downloaded TSL Library files and load them to the amp.

  • Change the order of the 'Effects Chain' to any permutation - ie way beyond the (3) preset options.

  • Read user created performance-order patch lists (ie Set Lists) to load patches in performance order (eg for live performances).

  • Use a Bluetooth device (eg foot switch) to turn specific settings/controls on/off. The assigned characters to be associated with each of the settings to be controlled can be specified from the options menu.

  • User created free form 'Song Notes' can be viewed within the app. This could be used to show chord charts, guitar tab, song lyrics etc. Html-like formatting can be used.