How To Use A Bluetooth Device

KatanaMan Pro, GT1Man, GT1BMan and GT1000Mate allow you to control various functions from a footswitch, keyboard, keypad etc via Bluetooth. This article describes how to do this.

'How To Connect' Guide

This guide describes how to connect your Boss Katana Amp or Effects Processor (GT-1 or GT-1000) to your Android phone or tablet in order to use the EatonPlan apps KatanaMan, GT1Man, GT1BManGT1000Mate etc.

KatanaMan in the wild

The Boss ™ Katana-100 is a great sounding amp with a myriad of effects, amp models, and overdrive/distortion (OD/DS) settings, but configuring the ones you want to use, switching between them whilst performing, and tweaking settings on the fly is a real challenge.

ReMapping Bluetooth characters / key codes

A new menu entry 'Options | Map Key Codes' allows you to now specify the characters/key codes you wish to use with your bluetooth device (eg footswitch), and which functions these are mapped to.

Song Notes (Experimental)

Both KatanaMan Pro and GT1Man now have the capability to view what we call 'Song Notes' from within the app.