KatanaMan Support

'Song Notes' Feature (experimental)

See the Song Notes (Experimental) - article which describes what they are, and how to create and use them.

Important - Amp Tone Setting Trick/Trap

When using KatanaMan with your Katana amp, it is important that you do NOT have the amp "Tone Setting" set to 'Panel'.

'Sneaky Amps'

Did you know that the Katana amp includes many more amp models than the 5 presented on the physical amp knob. In fact there are 25 or more amp models available in the Katana firmware! These additional amp models have widely become to be known as the 'sneaky amps'.

A more detailed and up-to-date article on this topic has been produced (Aug 2022) here :  Katana Pre-Amp Models

If you haven't tried these other amp models yet, it's definitely worth giving them a go.

Have fun !

KatanaMan Connection to Amp

These are the requirements in order to connect the KatanaMan app to your Katana-100 guitar amp:

Which Katana Models are supported ?

KatanaMan supports :

  • Katana Series 1 / Mk I amps - Model 100, Model 50, Model 212, Head
  • Katana Mk II amps - Model 100, Model 50, Model 212, Head

KatanaMan also works with the Katana Artist, although not all of the Artists's unique features may be accessible via the app.