GT1000Mate Support

How to Connect to GT-1000 using Bluetooth

BLE to GT 1000

Bluetooth support is available in GT1000Mate enabling your android phone or tablet to connect directly to the GT-1000 without requiring a USB connection. 

Bluetooth enabled versions of the app is being staged via the Google Open Testing/Beta test channel. Once the new version is confirmed to be stable it will be rolled over to the production (main release) channel for general use. If you would like to trial this beta version whilst it is in the Open Testing phase, you will need to enroll in the Google Beta Testers scheme (see Google Play Store).

The following link will take you to the Beta Test version:

To establish a Bluetooth connection to the GT-1000:

  • on your GT-1000, ensure that Bluetooth is turned on using the GT-1000 menu option
  • on your phone/tablet, check that the GT-1000 is not already paired in Android. If it is, use 'Forget' or 'UnPair' etc to unpair from Android 
  • in GT1000Mate, use the menu option 'Bluetooth' and switch from 'USB' to 'BLE' (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • use the 'Refresh' button to display a list of the compatible devices available for pairing. You should see your GT-1000 listed, if not press the 'Refresh' button again.
  • select your GT-1000 from the list of available devices and press 'Connect'
  • after a few seconds the green connection indicator should light up, and you should see a message saying that the GT-1000 is connected.