KatanaMan Information

KatanaMan Information

Manage your Boss Katana amplifier with ‘Katana Man’.

Katana Man main features:
- Supports both Series 1 and MkII amps
- Supports firmware version 4 on Series 1 amps
- Enable and configure 30 effects, 6 delay types, 20 boost types.
- Use 25 different amp models
- Pedal Fx supported
- Create, save and load tones ('patches')
- Load and Save tones to amp channels (Tone Setting buttons)
- Unlock the full capabilities of the Series 1 amp by enabling Boost, Mod, Delay and Fx simultaneously using 'Advanced Mode'
- Use set lists to easily select song / patch combinations for live performances
- Fast patch loading
- Most main functions accessible with one tap
- Interface designed for studio / performance use
- Choice of screen layout
- Suited to both the hobby/home guitarist and the performing musician

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KatanaMan connects to your Boss ™ Katana guitar amplifier via a USB cable. It allows direct control of most of the amp’s extensive features. Amp models, boost types, effects devices, as well as the basic amp controls, can all be selected and set from your device (phone or tablet) to create your desired tone.

Tones can be saved on your device as ‘patches’ for later use, and subsequently re-loaded into the amp with ease. The number of patches that can be saved on your device is limited only by the available storage.

Tone Studio Library (TSL) files can also be loaded to the amp, and amp settings can be saved as TSL files.

Katana amplifier settings can be ‘tweaked’ and saved ‘on the fly’ making KatanaMan an ideal tool for the home guitarist, as well as practice sessions, studio work, on-stage performances etc.

Bluetooth devices (eg foot switches) can be used to control the main features.

Set Lists of songs can be loaded which will ensure that the correct patch is loaded for each song as you progress through your performance.

Connection Requirements:
In order to connect your phone or tablet to your Katana amplifier you will require:
- A Katana amplifier (Series 1 or MkII - Model 100, 50, 212, Head, Artist).
- A USB cable suited to your amplifier. See your amp’s documentation for details.
- An OTG cable adapter
- Your Android device must support OTG / ‘Host Mode’
(Note: It is recommended that you use the KatanaMan Free version ensure that your device is suitable)


Full Android 11 support ('scoped storage')

Compatible with Series 1 amp firmware versions 2, 3 & 4.

Provides access to the Katana hidden ('sneaky') amps - around 25 additional amp models included in the Katana amplifier firmware. Also allows the creation of Custom pre-amp models (Series 1 amps only).

All Katana devices and effects are supported, plus TeraEcho (Series 1 amps only-see website).

A connection status light ensures that you know amp is still connected correctly.

On Series 1 amps, 'Advanced Mode' enables simultaneous use of Boost, Mod, Delay and Fx (normally the amp only allows one of Boost/Mod, and one of Delay/Fx to be active at one time).

The ability to save the current tone as a named patch. Patches can subsequently be re-loaded to your amp simply by tapping on the patch file.

Lists of songs, in order of performance, can be loaded - with each song ‘linked’ to the associated patch. As each song title in the list is tapped the corresponding patch is loaded into the amp. Great for live performances. Set Lists can be created using a text editor or the KatanaSets app (recommended).

User Guide:
A quick start guide is available here :
KatanaMan Quick Start Guide

Related Apps:
There are two apps which are designed to work with KatanaMan - KatanaSets for set list management and KatanaSync for data back-up and restore.

For tips on connecting to your Katana amp see here: KatanaMan Connection to Amp